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Community Grant Application

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The Trenton Downtown Association (TDA) has created a small business grant fund to provide immediate support to merchants, restaurants and other small businesses located in downtown Trenton. The grants will be issued in amounts up to $3,000, and TDA has allocated $45,000 to fund the program. Funding from the grant may be used to reopen a business or to cover costs associated with a recent business interruption.

UPDATE: Grant closed on June 30th.

The TDA Community Business Grant was created for businesses with 50 or fewer employees that are located in the TDA SID Zone. They must either own their property/building or have an executed lease. The business must maintain a current Trenton business license and be open for business as of March 2, 2020. Only eligible businesses may apply.


Eligible Businesses: In general, the eligible businesses are ones that typically provide goods and services for a profit. This includes retailers (general, specialty), restaurants, barber/beauty salons, service businesses (such as appliance repair and locksmith shops), childcare/daycare centers and medical practices.


Non-Eligible Businesses:  These include home occupations, real estate companies/agents, food trucks, not-for-profit organizations, landlords/rental property owners, financial institutions and national companies/franchises.


Eligible Costs (not fully covered by other grants/loans): include payroll, building costs (rent/lease/mortgage), utilities, insurance, marketing expenses, repair of damages and replacement of equipment.



Please complete and email your application to the Trenton Downtown Association by the business day beginning June 17, 2020 and no later than June 30, 2020 close of business (5:00 p.m. ET). All emails should be directed to tom@trenton-downtown.com.

Application can be downloaded here ,filled out below or mailed to TDA, 16 East Hanover Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. 

The one-time grant will be awarded to qualified businesses only. All applications will be reviewed by an independent review committee. The applicant will be notified if funding will be provided and, if approved, the amount of funding they will receive. The recipients will be required to sign a funding agreement.

Any questions should be addressed to Tom Gilmour, Executive Director, Trenton Downtown Association, at tom@trenton-downtown.com or 908.489.8820

Required verification & documentation :
1. Proof of property ownership or lease
2. Documentation of current city business license
3. Listing of number of jobs as part of the business operation


Frequently Asked Questions:

What businesses are eligible for the TDA Community Business Grant?
Independently owned and operated retail, food or other service businesses that are normally open to the general public for profit. Independently owned businesses must have a physical address inside the TDA Zone. Businesses must have had 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees on March 2, 2020.

What is the source of funds for the TDA Community Business Grant? Initial funding will come from the 2021 TDA budget in the amount of $45,000. Trenton Downtown Association Inc. is a registered 501(c)[3] organization, and will also solicit tax-deductible donations to the fund from corporations and individuals.

What can a business use the funds for? The fund is intended to provide relief for small business owners and their staff. The grants may be used for business-related recovery activities. These include compensating employees and employee/owners for lost wages, insurance, inventory expenses, marketing, damage repair, public safety measures and other operations costs.


Who decides how much businesses receive?
An independent TDA Grant Review Committee will review all applications and make determinations regarding eligibility and demonstrated need.


Is there any other help being offered other than financial? All TDA businesses are also being offered mentoring and practical assistance with applications for additional government relief by the TDA staff. Contact Tom Gilmour, 908.489.8820 at TDA to connect with someone to help advise you and help you apply for state, federal and city grants and loans.

Will businesses outside of downtown be eligible?
No. These funds are restricted to the TDA SID Zone.


Is there a maximum amount that any single business can be granted? Yes, $3,000.

The needs of local businesses will dwarf any amount of money that can be raised for such a fund. How can this make a difference? We realize that this fund alone will not address all of the needs of the small downtown business owner. With that knowledge, TDA intends for its funds to provide at least some level of support for Trenton's small business community, possibly serving as a bridge until larger government grants and loans can get in the door. With the additional financial support of residents, companies, friends and neighbors, the TDA Community Business Fund can also serve as a vehicle through which our city pulls together in this time of crisis. TDA is accepting support from residents, companies, friends, neighbors and others who want to help sustain and grow the downtown and its local businesses in tangible ways.




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If you have additonal forms or estimates, please scan and email to Tom Gilmour at tom@trenton-downtown.com or mail to TDA, 16 East Hanover Street, Trenton, NJ 08608.



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