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Trenton-Hamilton Marsh


Trenton is a city of surprises and one of the best is the presence of an expansive wetlandwithin its borders where hikers and kayakers can lose themselves amid the wild floraand fauna. The 1,200 acre Trenton-Hamilton-Bordentown Marsh straddles the borders ofthose three municipalities and plays host to over 900 species of plants, 245 bird species, butterflies, frogs, turtles, beavers, muskrats, and myriad other animal species. Recently renamed Abbot Marshlands, the marshland compliments its natural beauty with a rich human history dating back to Native American settlements thousands of years ago. Colonial-era structures still stand, including the 1708 Watson House, the oldest house in Mercer County, and there are even remnants of an early 20th century amusement park still present in an area now called John A. Roebling Memorial Park. A volunteer friends group sponsors events year round at the marsh. Updates can be found at


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