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Zenith by Albert Paley

  • 72 South Clinton Avenue
  • Trenton, NJ 08609
  • Artwork Creator: Albert Paley
  • Hours: Any
  • Access: Open to public
  • Image Source: View Image Source

“The sculpture entitle Zenith exemplifies the dynamic nature of travel. The organic form of the sculpture reflects the process of alterability and change, common sensibilities shared in transit. The sculpture being of complex metal construction, in part reflects the historical context of Trenton as an area noted for its metal working industries. Color, being an important element of the sculpture, aids in the emotional response to the work. The sighting of the sculpture is meant to create a sense of place and landmark for this complex. The small park-like setting can be seen as an oasis and a place of response during the transit process aiding to the enrichment of the pedestrian experience.” – Albert Paley

Public Art

  • Hours: Any
  • Access: Open to public
  • Artwork Creator: Albert Paley


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