The Glory of New Jersey

  • 125 W. State St.
  • Trenton, NJ 08608
  • Artwork Creator: The Boehm Porcelain Studio
  • Hours: Hourly Tours, Monday through Friday, 10am - 3 pm & 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, 12pm - 3pm. Closed Sundays and State holidays.
  • Access: Open to public. Groups of 10 or more must have advanced reservations.
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  • Sponsor/Project: Commissioned by The Friends of The State House
  • Project Date: 1995

“The Glory of New Jersey celebrates symbols. Created in 1995 by the Boehm Porcelain Studio in Trenton, the work extols the beauty and virtues of nature, while commemorating and honoring the state.

The violet, the goldfinch, the red oak and the honeybee evoke powerful images of community and place. The primeval red oak, nurturing a flock of twenty-one male and female goldfinches, signifying the strength, beauty and dignity of the state, stands rooted in the rich native soil . . . and their number representing the counties of New Jersey. Beneath the protective branches flourish delicate purple violets, indigenous spring blossoms that conjure up images of renewal and home. Everywhere thirteen . . . self-reliant honeybees, representing the original colonies and New Jersey's original counties, gather sustenance and pollinate blooms in the perennial cycle of life. A single ladybug signifies New Jersey's first female governor, Governor Christine Todd Whitman.

The Glory of New Jersey testifies also to the extraordinary artistic achievements of the Trenton ceramic industry . . . Measuring three feet in height, it weighs over 75 pounds and contains no internal supports. Some 12 skilled artisans, craftsmen and technicians required nearly a year and 129 separate molds to painstakingly create the 326 individual parts. Edward M. Boehm, a gifted sculptor and naturalist who together with his wife, Helen, founded the Boehm Porcelain Studio in 1950, invented a special elastic porcelain matrix. This enables the studio to create the delicate floral and bird sculptures that Boehm Porcelain is known for.” – New Jersey State Legislative Publication



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