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Trenton Film Festival

  • March 23, 2018 - March 23, 2018
  • Times: 7pm & 9pm
  • 205 E Front St., Trenton, NJ 08605
  • Phone:609-331-9599
  • Admission: $8 - regular price. $25 - all access pass
  • Handicapped Accessible: Yes
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An exploration of all things cinematic awaits at this year’s festival — featuring 53 films from 16 countries, including documentaries, narrative films, spoken word, animation and music videos by filmmakers from as close as Trenton, Bradley Beach, and other parts of NJ to as far away as Kosovo, Spain, and Iran. A great opportunity to connect with fellow film lovers and filmmakers! Trenton Film Society FRIDAY, MARCH 23 7:00 pm – Friday Night Documentaries Fire and Light (dir. Dana Johnson, US, documentary, 10.5 minutes) Four siblings with autism find an unusual path to healing: fire dancing. No-Space (dir. Julio Mas Alcaraz, Spain, documentary, 11.5 minutes) One night spent with Enrique, a man who chooses to sleep every night in Terminal 4 of Madrid Airport. @ Beautiful Mountains (dir. Teng Chen, China, documentary, 40 minutes) In the 500-year-old village of Meishan, over half the population has left for the cities. The film follows a 26-year-old entrepreneur who aspires to bring the internet age to his rural hometown, and a 90-year-old master of traditional dance who tries to pass on his centuries-old expertise to the next generation. Every Ghost Has an Orchestra (dir. Shayna Connelly, US, documentary, 7 minutes) The universal question of what happens after we die is explored by paranormal researcher and experimental composter Michael Esposito. Warning: contains high-pitched sounds and feedback noise. Waking a Monster (dir. Mirjam Clement, US, documentary, 20 minutes) Told in his own words, and through puppetry, animation and mixed media, Academy Award-winning special effects and makeup artist Howard Berger reflects on his lifelong fascination of classic movie monsters. Friday March 23 at 9pm - Friday Night Shorts Sweet Candy (dir. Yilmaz Vurucu, Austria, narrative, 18 minutes) Isolated and desperate, Andreas decides to air his grievances and commit suicide live on the internet. As his broadcast goes viral, he strikes a chord with some while attracting the disdain of other. White (dir. David Moya, UK, narrative, 15 minutes) A white man arrives at the “Transition Centre” after dying of food poisoning on a cruise. There he is informed that he cannot be white in his next life. Johnny Thinks (dir. Malcolm Rumbles, UK, spoken word, 3 minutes) In the poem, “What Johnny Thinks,” Johnny is a woman trying to fit into a society that rejects her. Warning: strong language. Return Safely (dir. Eric Burleson, US, narrative, 12 minutes) A young traveler must complete her quest through a harsh landscape to return a mysterious object. Purple Dreams (dir. Murat Sayginer, Turkey, animation, 2 minutes) An animated film about the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Manual (dir. Wil Magness, US, narrative, 30 minutes) In a distant future, James is the last human on Earth. Raised and protected by a humanoid robot, he is brought up on a religion ascribed in a device known as “The Manual.” As the search for other humans becomes more futile and his faith is shaken, James sets out to test one of The Manual’s core beliefs.



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