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2017 Trenton Film Festival — Saturday Feature Documentary #1

Aranceri – Battle of the Oranges (dir. Erasmus Talbot, Sweden, 23 minutes) The Battle of the Oranges is a unique carnival held each year in Ivrea, Italy. Celebrating the 12th century revolt of the people against a local tyrant, for three days the main squares in the old town become a temporary battleground for thousands of orange throwers. The film follows three of these combatants – their stories and their love for the orange battle. The Promise (dir. Zeljko M. Mirkovic, Serbia, 74 minutes) Though now poor and deserted, Rogljevo, Serbia was incredibly prosperous a century ago, producing wines found at exhibitions in Bordeaux and Paris. When a French family moves in to grow grapes and produce wine, they believe they have discovered a promised land, one of the top five wine regions in Europe. Their arrival sparks high hopes with some villagers – and great resistance and mistrust with others.



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