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2017 Trenton Film Festival — Opening Night Feature

Kitsune (dir. Guillermo P. Bosch, Spain, 1 minute) Kitsune, which means “spirit of the fox” in Japanese, is a short experimental animation. Can You Decide (dir. Lu Pulici, Italy, 5 minutes) In this music video featuring UK singer songwriter Jon Kenzie, a lonely robot musician struggles between the desire to travel and play music throughout the galaxy or go back home to be with the one he loves. Pop-Up (dir. Stuart McBratney, Australia, 91 minutes) “Pop-Up” is a triptych of stories about people affected by one event. An unemployed father finds a camera containing a single photo of a woman’s face. Smitten, he tracks her down. A Romanian immigrant attempts to overcome her heartbreak by giving away a thousand home-made pop-up cards. A sleep-deprived theater director seeks deadly revenge on a scathing critic.



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