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2017 Trenton Film Festival — Narrative and Animated Shorts

Date Night (dir. Ross Carey, Ireland, 12 minutes) A woman gets dressed up for a big first date. However, far more lies ahead than could be expected. You Deserve Everything (dir. Goran Stolevski, UK, 18 minutes) A doctor’s tentative romance with the hospital’s Arabic interpreter is evolving into something deeper. But everything is not as it seems. Hanging (dir. Nick LeDonne, US, 6 minutes) In this abstract animated documentary based on the filmmaker’s personal struggle with suicidal thoughts, feelings of depression are personified through a dark luring fog and a loving mother desperately trying to keep her son alive. Gardening at Night (dir. Shayna Connelly, US, 12 minutes) Samantha is powerless to help her friend Anne, who on the eve of her death, has not come to terms with her fate and remains angry and afraid. Waiting by the phone and not being able to bear the stillness, Samantha tries to put her neglected garden in order, despite the darkness. Brotherhood (dir. Christian Washington, US, 5 minutes) In this animated short film, two brothers grow up in a home where the parental structure suddenly falls apart. Sometimes the people in our lives who are hardest to love end up being the most important people we should cherish. Everything We Wanted (dir. Goran Stolevski, UK, 25 minutes) A formerly wealthy cleaning woman comes face to face with the schoolgirl who derailed her life. They are each forced to face the difficult events that first brought them together.



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