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2017 Trenton Film Festival — Narrative Shorts

  • April 02, 2017 - April 02, 2017
  • Times: 3:45 p.m.
  • 205 E Front St., Trenton, NJ 08605
  • Admission: $8
  • Handicapped Accessible: Yes
  • Visit Website

Selkie (dir. Amy Frear, US, 8 minutes) A wayward selkie (a seal that can turn itself into a human) has followed a school of herring up the Delaware river when her seal skin is captured by a man from the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Cradle (dir. Zanyar Lotfi, Iran, 5 minutes) A little girl just wants to do her homework, but when grandpa’s snores keep her little sibling from sleeping, things get a bit more complicated. Honk! Honk! (dir. Lars Fuchs, US, 9 minutes) Lars sets out to make a film about a mild-mannered man pushed to the limits by the hazards of life in the big city. But when the results aren’t as good as he’d hoped, Lars himself is pushed to the limit – and beyond – by his own worst enemy. Himself. The Paper Rose (dir. Nadia Fedchin, US, 9 minutes) An awkward band teacher starts to date again four years after the passing of his beloved wife, but his teenage daughter disapproves. Bombing (dir. Gloria Mercer, Australia, 13 minutes) Sophie is an unmotivated comedian. When her estranged young daughter is unexpectedly thrust back into her life, Sophie’s plans have to be reshuffled. While they both struggle to adjust to the new environment, Sophie must come to terms with the fact that she’s in over her head. Another Time (dir. Amy Frear, US, 24 minutes) A twenty-something woman who may or may not be a lost time traveler deals with commitment issues and indecision in present day Philadelphia.



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