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The Façade Improvement Grant Program is a program for downtown businesses within the Special Improvement District to upgrade and refurbish their commercial businesses. These grants are provided to create a positive impact that façade renovations can have on the overall appearance of the business and the TDA District as a whole. Please note that this grant program is a REIMBURSEMENT of 50 %( up to $2,500) of any work done to a building in the

Special Improvement District excluding certain restrictions. Funds are issued at the completion and final approval of the project. All applicants must complete the following form, and provide the required documentation, in order to be considered eligible for a Façade Improvement Grant from the Trenton Downtown Association. Only completed applications will be considered for funding. Please read the eligibility and program procedures sections prior to completing application. If you have any questions, please contact TDA at 609-393-8998.


Grants are provided to any commercial or mixed used property owner or tenant within the

Special Improvement District.

Grants will be made to eligible business owners to address a combination of the following areas

of a building's exterior front:

1. Cleaning and painting

Exterior painting of previously painted surfaces
Paint removal by means approved by TDA (note NO sandblasting of masonry will be approved)
Appropriate cleaning as part of an overall façade improvement

2. New awnings and signs

New signage or the removal and replacement of inappropriate and outdated signage (must obtain a sign permit)
New canvas awnings or replacement of heavily damaged or missing awnings

3. Exterior wall repairs, including the repair, restorative installation of decorative details and other design features

Masonry repair
Removal of siding and exterior false facades

4. Building mounted facade lighting

Outdoor lighting

5. Entries, door and window repairs and replacements

Repair of windows or window framing; replacement only as a last resort and must be compatible with original window design

6. Rehabilitation or compatible reconstruction of an original storefront

Repair of original architectural detail

7. Miscellaneous facade improvements

8. Facade code violation eradication

To qualify the applicant's business must be within the Special Improvement District and must be capable of documenting the requested grant amount. All eligible improvements must be part of a comprehensive façade improvement. For example, a grant will not be awarded for just windows when the rest of the façade needs improvement.


The following improvements or expenses are ineligible for rebates under the Downtown

Façade Rehabilitation Program:

1. General Maintenance

2. Interior remodeling

3. Purchase of furnishings, equipment, or other personal property, which does not become a part of the real estate

4. Improvements made prior to grant approval

5. Roof and chimney repair, except where chimney is a significant architectural element of building exterior.

6. Improvements related to new construction

Installation of any type of veneer - aluminum, vinyl, stone, stucco or any other inappropriate materials, including but not limited to replacement windows and doors, that interfere with the historic integrity of the building

7. Professional fees

8. Applicable taxes

Program Requirements

1. Completion of a Façade Improvement Grant Application Form

2. The scope of work for the project must conform to the Special Improvement District design guidelines.

3. Applicant will be required to sign a Façade Improvement Grant Agreement.

4. In order to receive reimbursement on completion of work, applicant must provide invoices and/or receipts documenting all expenditures for project.

5. Construction of improvements must be completed within 180 days of execution of façade grant agreement.

Application Process

1. with following supporting


Proposals for work from at least three vendors.
Detailed scope of work demonstrating conformance to Special Improvement
District guidelines

Two (2) color photographs of the building façade before improvements are made.
If the applicant is a tenant, letter from the property owner authorizing the tenant to proceed with the proposed improvements.
Copy of the sign permit, if applicable
2. Signed Façade Improvement Grant Agreement

3. Upon receipt of letter of approval from TDA

4. Submit receipts or invoices documenting actual cost pr project and two (2) color photographs of the completed improvements.

5. TDA will issue a check for grant amount or 50% of actual cost of project, whichever is lower.



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