In the weeks leading up to Wednesdays on Warren's opening day, the Trenton Downtown Association will be touching base with some of our favorite vendors from over the years. This week, TDA touched base with Jo Barbour of FunniBonz Barbecue Sauces. Before opening FunniBonz BBQ Smoke House in 2013, FunniBonz Barbecue Sauces were popular vendors in the Trenton Downtown Association's annual farmers markets from 2010-2012. In 2008, Jo's son, Jim Barbour, a former Sony Salesman, broke out of the corporate world to work for himself. Having a defined background in culinary arts, Barbour created his line of barbecue sauces, which according to his mother, "just took off." While Jo's son runs the business, Jo has helped out with local markets and food shows since FunniBonz's inception and today remains in charge of quality control around the restaurant. In addition to local farmer's markets like Wednesdays on Warren and the Capital City Market, Funnibonz has participated in food shows across the country, including Fancy Food Shows in New York City, San Francisco, and Miami. FunniBonz sauces have stood up to the competition, winning best sauce in Atlantic City's Food and Wine Show among other acclaimed awards. Jo told us what a great opportunity the Capital City Market continues to be for local vendors, feeling fortunate to have gotten support from the state employees who frequent the TDA markets. Today, with their reputation well-established, you now can find Funnibonz Barbecue Sauces in a variety of local grocery stores, including Shoprite, Whole Foods, Marrazzo's Thriftway and the Pennington Market. And of course, you can find an extensive menu of comfort foods and BBQ favorites at, Funnibonz BBQ Smoke House in Robbinsville, NJ (they even deliver!). With the success FunniBonz has been afforded, the Barbours are looking forward to one day expanding the FunniBonz brand into a franchise.