In response to recent statistic reports, Trenton area museums will be working together this year to help increase foot traffic for six of its downtown museums. A 2014 report on Recent Visitation at Trenton Historical and Cultural Sites reveals that in 2013 state-associated sites such as, the New Jersey State Museum and the New Jersey State House, saw as many as 104,838 and 60,000 total visitors respectively. Yet the visitation rates for other similar sites within the area did not see comprable numbers.

Nevertheless, associates of the Trenton Downtown Associaiation and downtown Trenton museums noted that many of the larger state-site patrons would more than likely also enjoy the smaller trenton historical and cultural sites as well. As a means of linking these common interests for future patrons, these associates are currently in the process of organizing the Trenton Passport Program.

The project plans to make available passport-like handouts highlighting six of Trenton's historical and cultural sites at each of the featured locations, including the New Jersey State Museum, the New Jersey State House, the Old Barracks Museum, the William Trent House Museum, the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, and the Meredith Havens Fire Museum of Trenton. Patrons will be handed the passport upon entrance to any of the six locations and will receive a stamp for the designated historical site. The handout will contain information about the other popular Trenton historical sites to pique interests. Additionally, program-planners hope to include an incentivizing offer on the passport in a section featuring a downtown Trenton restaurant. The organizers hope that by having museum-goers provide their stamped passports at the participating restaurant, they will redeem a special or discount on their meal.

In so doing, the Trenton Passport Program stands to not only increase foot-traffic and revenue for both Trenton museums and local businesses, but also offer families and other city-explorers a fun day trip and a well rounded experience: a tour of Trenton's greatest historical sites and a meal to finish the day.