TDA's very own Clean and Safe Ambassadors were featured last week in a National Geographic video highlighting initiatives to recycle one of the most common forms of litter: cigarette butts.

You see it on any city street, pedestrians and workers having a quick cigarette break on the sidewalk, flicking the butt when they're finished, and going about their business. It's so commonplace that we hardly ever think of the environmental impact of this nonchalant act.
Though traditionally considered non-recyclable, cigarette butts actually contain a wood-based plastic called cellulose acetate found in many typical everyday items which TerraCycle, a company dedicated to "eliminating the idea of waste," has found a way to reduce and reuse. By implementing strategically placed cigarette butt receptacles in densely populated areas, these receptacles serve as collection sites, the contents of which will be sent away and transformed into lasting useful commodities, like park benches or sunglasses. In continuing efforts to keep the capital city both beautiful and sustainable, downtown Trenton is one of the few districts in the nation to take on this initiative.

As a business, TerraCycle has quickly risen to international recognition and remains one of the fastest growing green companies in the world. CEO and founder of TerraCycle, the Mark Zuckerberg of waste management if you will, Tom Szaky has chosen Trenton for TerraCycle's U.S. headquarters. Pictured above, this building located on New York Ave incorporates their upcycle/recycle goals in office decor while regularly welcoming local grafitti artists.

Szasky and his team at TerraCycle are on a mission to revolutionize the way we deal with waste and do so in some incredibly inventive ways. For more information visit their website! And don't forget to check out the NatGeo feature while you're at it!