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Revolutionary War History

Revolutionary War History is not abstract in Trenton, it is palpable. The site of two major battles which marked a turning point in the war, and laid the foundation for the Continental Army's ultimate victory, Trenton's role in the American Revolution is like no other, situated squarely in the middle of the so-called Ten Crucial Days of the revolution, which forever changed the course of America's and the world's history. Whether it is visiting the grave of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, a house where General George Washington convened a war council, the barracks where the Hessians camped, or the actual battlegrounds where Continental soldiers fought for and won America's freedom from the British, the elements of the Revolutionary War are vivid and alive here. Each December, during Patriots Week, re-enactors recreate Washington's daring crossing of the Delaware, his night march on Trenton, and surprise attack on British troops in Trenton on Christmas Day, laying the foundation for another surprise victory in Princeton and the reversal of the momentum of the war. During Patriots Week, Trenton is transformed back into its Revolutionary War self, with tours, historically accurate re-enactments, Colonial-era meals and other activities, which attract enthusiasts from around the nation.

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