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Chambersburg, Mill Hill, Glen Afton, Wilbur, Hiltonia, Cadwalader Heights, Downtown, Villa Park, the Island, Greenwood, Battle Monument - Trenton is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own culture, housing characteristics, and history. From the mansions of Hiltonia, to the gas-lit row-house streets of Mill Hill, the river views of the Island, to the shops and restaurants of Downtown, each neighborhood adds something to the diverse whole of Trenton. Many neighborhoods, through a mix of long-time residents and creative newcomers, are reinventing themselves in fascinating and enterprising ways. Chambersburg's evolution from a neighborhood of Italian immigrants to one of Central and South American ones has radically changed some cultural traits, and left others the same, like an emphasis on work and family, and restaurants that are an adventurous diner's ideal. The many festivals, garden and house tours (Mill Hill's famous annual house tour has been going on for over 45 years) in Trenton's neighborhoods throughout the year are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to them.

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