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About Trenton

The cradle of the American Revolution, Trenton was the site of the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, beating Philadelphia by 2 hours.  Later, Trenton was the site where future Presidents George Washington, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, fought two major battles that changed the course of history. 


Trenton grew to become an important center of commerce, and a manufacturing powerhouse.  For example, the I-beam was invented in Trenton, and Roebling wire rope was instrumental in the industrialization and urbanization of America. Lesser known Trenton inventions include Bayer Aspirin, Magic Markers, Oyster Crackers, and Pork Roll.


An important part of the American story today, Trenton is currently known primarily for being the home of Mercer County and New Jersey state governments. With unique arts and cultural attractions, convenient transit connections to New York and Philadelphia, and a wealth of historical artifacts, Trenton is well positioned for a renaissance. Learn more and be a part of it at Destination Trenton.


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